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I?m using this title as a slogan in the header of my blog. And I insist that it is a quite elegant and significant attitude?
I wrote many times about the things remembered when talking about blog. It can be defined as our spaces that we express ourselves within an independent editorial structure. In other words, it can be defined as the technological reflection of the defensing mechanism...

It satisfies well the spiritual part of the defense that may be performed against the difficulties of life. Because life is not constant and not so worthless to allow for the comments of a few writers... Today, writers affecting opinions of people on many issues began to lose their powers against blogs...

Today, everybody has the technology for expressing themselves to whole world. I do not agree with the question of ?who will read my articles??. If someone had said me in 2005 (the year that I created my blog) that ?I would reach nearly two millions of visitors for my blog in 2007?, I think that I only would laugh at him/her... But when I look now, I see that nearly two millions of guests visited my blog within two years...

Many things have changed with Google. People now can reach your articles by only a few keywords. It?s a simple matter that your article may be read by millions of people easily. And if you do it seriously by using advertisement and public relation studies, then you can reach a great amount of readers.

There are two important factors in blogging; design and blogging host services. Of course writing and continuity are also important but it may be difficult to arise interest for your articles without a good web hosting and design...

It is not important to write wonderful things but how you write them. You can be successful as long as you make your articles reachable for your readers...


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  1. Yes, I believe that the pen is mightier than the sword. Blogs and the internet are providing a wonderful platform for people to get their point across, and for ordinary people around the world to communicate.


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