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Football , Fado and Fiesta


Portuguese Dictator Salazar was expressing how people miserable while saying ?football, fado and fiesta?...


Miserables getting numb with football, fado and sleeping with fiesta... By the way, I wondered the meaning of fado and searched a bit...

We can say that fado is the arabesque music of Portugal...

?In Portuguese, it means fate and Portugueses are proud of it, their well-known music. Lyrics of this music are full of sorrow, grief and disappointment, and also has fatalism peculiar to Portugueses; this music becomes united with melodies of African, Arabic and Iberian Peninsula and with instruments such as flute, clarinet etc. Well-known fado singer (also called as fadista) of the world is certainly Amalia Rodrigues.? (from eksisozluk)

Football which is called by some grandmothers as running after a ball by 22 people having no underpants is a good occupation I guess... :-)


I don?t think same as Salazar...

Indeed, my reaction is against this rationality for these kinds of activities... Why does loving or appropriating football is nonsense?

Or in modern expression; why does loving football is shallow?

Salazar used football to make people get slept, perhaps it is still one of the most important instruments of governments...

But it doesn?t change the reality that it is still a leisure entertainment... If there would be a reaction or dislike, this should be against this style and method...

Not against the football itself...

I will write again about this subject?

Let me listen fado...


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  1. I believe, as no-believer, which was Allah Al Muhaymin (One who protects) to sign three goals against Sweden.
    I believe, as no-believer, that it was Allah Al Mughith (He who helps) scagliare the coup that has humiliated Croatia.

    I believe, as no-believer, that it was "Allah Akhbar!" (One who is the biggest) to resound in the minds and hearts of goalkeeper Rustù yesterday evening, while Croatia lost three penalties.

    The dream of becoming European at least playing soccer.
    We want Turkey in Europe as our brothers.

    Thanks to Fatìh Terìm.


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