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Turkish political history is passing through a deep crisis. Even it is not understood now, in the future the effects of this crisis will begin to appear. One of the important roles in this lasting deep crisis belongs to the media. The media which is confused in the polarized political medium tries to keep a position.
Ergenekon is seems to be one of the most important political crisis of the Young Turkey. The indictment that is 2455 pages have so claims that it is so surprising.
Because of the lawsuit is continuing now, it is impossible to to take a certain stand about the truth of these claims. But if the claims will be proved, there will be no doubtly great changing and purifying action?
The condition that both the lawsuit of Ergenekon and the period of AK Parti government are at the same time, is found meaningful by great number of people and especially by the media and still it is the same. The condition is consisting of some kind of a ?restleşme? according to a group of media. This group of media doesn?t suspect that the proofs that present in the media could be true!
However, media that is criticized have to approach every event with doubtly. Some newspapers that are related seriously to the lawsuit of closing of the AK Parti aren?t as sensitive in the Ergenekon lawsuit unfortunately. This condition is the same for other group of the media?
While they are writing hot articles about Ergenekon and while they are writing for claims that continuum of juridical on their own column every day, they also wrote some underrate articles about the lawsuit that closing the AK Parti. In short, there is an inconsistency for the media that polarized and devided two pieces. This inconsistency makes democracy  injured. Sadly, the newspapers that talk about democracy and civil liberty are betraying only their own democracy understanding while they are preparing news
However both of these two lawsuit, there is only some claims and it is necessary to completed the continuum of juridical. You know, everybody says television and naturally the media supersedes education and teaching that is poor in systems. This situation is also being in our country. In Turkey, the news are pumping to the minds with disinformation way. And in this continuum about democracy and civil liberty of consepts are being discharged their index.



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