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Iran is ready to dialouge

Barack Obama made gentle declaration after being elected as USA President. An interesting reaction came from Iran against Obama's gentle behaviour.

Iran Head of State Ahmedi Nejad said "Iran and Iranian people are ready to dialogue with USA"...

The situation was cooled after bilateral declarations in the area where Iraq war caused high tension. However sosio economical effects triggered the situation into this point. Firtly US presidentship has been changed. Barack Obama being democrat is cooling the foreign affairs. Otherwise, I don't believe this is happening because Barack Obama is black and Muslim. Since, Obama never talked about being a Muslim. The only thing we know is his grandpa is Hussein Onyango a Muslim from Kenya. In the contrary he was baptized in the church...

Secondly, there are more whites than blacks in his family. I'm sure this type of evaluations means only magazine. The other reason which opened the dialog way with Iran is the economical crisis which affects all over the world and USA. Unless we cannot see clear reflections to the real economy, it is difficult to us to make comment, but one of the reasons is this crisis Iraq war.

Plus, Afghanistan war...this two wars extremely exhausted both USA and the world. In fact, USA realized that and decided to hand over administration. For this reason, winning of Mc Quin was not seen possible. With Obama, a message has been delivered to the world actually... Otherwise, if they wanted, it could be happened what just happened in Florida elections before...

For this reason, a planned possible operation to Iran does not have any economical explanation now. If USA enters this kind of operation it could find itself in a big adventure. So, there is no meaning to discuss tactical and physical plans of this war. Since, there is a serious economic budget problem overthere. But this situation will be reflected as new face of USA. As I said before, countries with ultra military power go through this kind of paused periods. They go through this kind of crisis but they came out stronger.

This is the main rule in capitalism phylosophy I guess... "What do not kill, give strength..." this phrase reminds me something from somewhere but anyway...

It is showed that Iran with supporting explanations to dialogue wants to have a way out from the high tention foreing politics.

Shortly, political equilibriums in the region are slowly chancing and Turkey should pick an appropriate diplomatic position. In this political atmosphere, one of the important strategic geographical places that should be monitored is Iraq and especially North Iraq.


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