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Attention! There is road work!

The quality of road in our country is not at the expected level unfortunately. The asphalt-paved roads which are cavity, bumpy and neglected need a repair in three years and that can cause both decreasing in driving convenience and even accidents. Is there any solution of this problem?

The solution, in fact, is simple. Instead of the asphalt-paved roads which need always repair, concrete roads that are long lasting and providing short breaking distance. These two types of roads were compared in assay that I saw in Aksiyon Journal. According to assay, average life-span of concrete roads is 34 years. On the other hand, maximal life-span of asphalt-paved road is 15 years with a number of repairs and extra costs...

What are the other advantages of these concrete roads...? Let's tell in order: it is long-lasting, low cost, easily assesseble and widespread, high carriage capacity, low water cathcment in raining, short breaking distance, provides visibility convenience at night and high driving convenience, low foreign exchange loss...Wishing rise in concrete roads number...


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