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Because of my job, I frequently travel to Mudanya... last travel was a bit different because I brought my Sony dsc 600 ie my photo machine with me :-) I thought taking a couple of pictures and talking about Mudanya in Evliya Celebi format... Both an article would be written and a visual exhibition would be presented... Bursa - Mudanya is not long even it is close we can say... with car if you drive fast. :- ) within 35 minutes you are in Mudanya... there is Guzelyali in the entrance, it is really Guzelyali, now with the ferry working there... from here you can cross to Istanbul.

Whatever, lets talk about Mudanya... between I'm aware that I don't care about writing rules, really as if my hands rarely knows the writing and keyboard...

Mudanya has a beautiful coastline... Walking along the beach and drinking tea while watching the sea really give pleasure to person... Don't ask me how would be drinking, it would a different pleasure for who likes drinking, but the view and place is really great... Except seaside, Mudanya down town is a bit problematic; first of all there is no parking... Even in this season, guess what will be happening in summer season. I don't know what I would do in Mudanya streets in summer season. I hope this parking problem could be settled, there are some natural challenges at least it is coastal place; for this reason the problem is getting more complex...


Following along coastal zone of mudanya the zone is getting more beautiful... Especially Zeytinbagi location is very nice, anyhow, there is two movies being shut at the moment... One of them is "Sev Kardesim" for Kanal D; other is "Kezban Yenge" for Kanal 7... Beside, I witnessed a movie set closely. . Really, I recalled my old profession, I used to be in this movie sets once, whatever, this place is giving a visual exhibition and everybody should go and see this place I think... see you in another journey writing blog...


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