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The Blog Writing the Most Reading of the World

I have been a blogger since 2005; almost I have been writing everyday.

I bear the responsibility of "journalism for citizen" and "alternative columnist" and we, all bloggers bear this responsibility...

While I'm doing this hoby, the most important issues that I take care the number of readers of my blog writings.... I have always been wondering that "the most read blog post of the world"... I searched on the net whether which is the most read blog writings or a research made on this issue but I could not find anything.

In fact, surely there is a most read blog post technically but it is hard to be assessed. Since every blogger does not have the same sensivity about the number of reading...Anyway, I don't want to mention this part of the issue. I claim that my blog post would be the most read blog post. However, I need your help for that.

I think we can get over 100 000 of reading limit in one year, although there is no limitation for timing. For this reason, I invite you and your friends to read this post...You can support this by giving a link for reading this post...

The aim is the reading of this blog post 1 million times over long term...

I do this to add some exiting in the blog writings and blog word but somebody may think "he makes this for his benefits". But I started from an original thought which is "writing the most read blog writing" in the world.

We will see can I be succesful? Can we be successful?

The Most Read Blog Post of the World...

Read and make read...

Note: Only one guest is counted from one computer. I adjusted the settings for this. I hope it would be good...

Turkish Blogger: Hussoloji

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  1. Yep! We can be successful!!
    All the power is inside us.
    God bless bloggers. :)


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