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Why Did I Start To Post Blog?

All bloggers had asked this question to themselves. However, I don't think that any blogger can answer this completely. Because blogger is a concept composing of causes and effects...I realized this reality during my nostalgia tour today...

When I read my old blog posts, frankly I have a dilemma about why I wrote. Is the Blog an advanture that we mention ourselves, otherwise the areas in which we completely compile?

Or both of them!

At least, I had tried that in my blog posts. There are no criteria to be a good blogger. Anyone cannot give you score, therefore; positive feedbacks show us whether we write good or not...

In fact, I mentioned this fine writing issue a lot of times.

I always defended the thought that blogs are free personel platforms and everyone can post its oppinion. Because, in editorial publishing there has been always a limitation.So, ideas are not benefitial. The only ami is pointing out the path. Columnists, journalists and even political offices agree on that blogs produce news and redirect them...

But blogs have a trouble in producing news. The concept of "New Journalism" is not understood clearly by bloggers. I think a number of blogs do this in Iraq and Gaza. However, we are only on criticising stage instead of on producing news stage and we are compelled to pass this stage.

Ok let's pass upper level than the question on why I start to write blog. In other words, to next question...How can we improve blogger work or especially Turk Blogsphere? Can bloggers make difference than journalists? Or is it just selfsatısfiation.

When we answer this question, good blog posts will be written....


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