Armenian Bill and Turkey

Armenian Bill and TurkeyIt is understood in the point we reached today that Turkey gradually loses the ability of protecting itself outside as well as not noticing the trap that Turkey is pulled into. As we stuck into the same spot about Armenian Bill, Armenians managed to make whole world opposing against Turkey by means of an incredible Armenian lobby? We can not introduce ourselves to anybody.While we can not introduce ourselves to anybody, we also become defiant. However, it is not the preferred way in world press and public opinion. Actually, how many ?English? articles, documents, books, web sites etc. have you seen in the world narrating our opinions? I have not heard if any? If we have not heard of it, it is either not introduced well, or it is not effective. Turkey has to take digital steps for the issue... We have to tell our rightness to world public opinion by focusing on activities in all areas. Otherwise, our own public opinion shall begin to believe them in time! Consequently, direction of pointer in GMEP (Great Middle East Project) within the area is slowly turning to Turkey. This is not normal for a country deemed as ?ally?. We should analyze the environment well for being dragged into a ?fight environment? in an atmosphere that internal political movements in the country are being changed too?


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