Turkey has made a deep response against terror. We all shouted to whole world that we, as all Turkish Nation, curse the terror. We proved that this country, these lands and our martyrs are not abandoned and that we can protect this land at the risk of our own lives without any hesitation?

Now, the entire responsibility belongs to our government? Our army and government are confronting the issue by both diplomacy and military force? I know that some of you get angry with some news and ask why we?re still waiting. But relations between countries are not determined by military force? You have to consume all diplomatic ways before using military force? This is the principle of ideal politics...

Turkey is now striving diplomatically. As the USA comes from 10.000 km to hit terror aiming itself, Turkey has also that right as at least or even more than the USA? I guess, the USA is aware of that fact?

I can say that the current atmosphere is very touchy for us and even that we are proceeding throughout a historical progression... The target of our enemies is to prevent us thinking healthily and to provide us acting wrong. However, we did not fall into that trap. Explanations came from many people, especially from Yasar BUYUKANIT - the Chief of General Staff, prevented the terrorist attack to turn into an ethnical fight? Our Chief of General Staff invited our society to be calm and he made a statement as ?nobody can ruin our inner ease and peace? in committee of rectors today?

It is useful here to state to whole world again? We do not have any problem with living together in Turkey. There is only one aim of evil axis desiring to create this problem artificially: To provide Turkey making mistake by having an unhealthy environment? But we will not let this happen? We will ruin their all tricks? We will manage to live together from now on as we did manage to live together before? Despite the terror, just the spite of terror!

Also, there is another fact that has to be known by everyone that this country shall continue to fight for protecting itself until the last Turk dies. If one wants to know Turks, he/she just needs to have a look at the history. As we stood up to whole world once, we will do the same to the bitter end. But we just want to live in a peaceful world in which wars are the last solutions. Our only desire is to live in peace in our geography? Let?s note this down?

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