Northern Iraq?Terror Problem and Social Reflex

We lost our 15 soldiers as casualties in two days due to terror. Our country is in deep distress. The issue has been discussed many times for a few days, many articles have been written and many articles are still being written?

The issue we mainly discuss is Northern Iraq Operation? It has been discussed many times before, and the Parliament should have been issued the memorandum so far to show the determination of Turkey?

But it hasn?t been! As terrorist attacks increased, we have been pushed into a deeper doubt, I guess?

In all fairness, it is obvious that south-eastern region is an open operation area? Intelligence organizations from almost all countries perform their activities in the area? It is hard to understand who works with who?

We need to reveal mysterious relations of PKK in order to understand their current functions? They have many fragments and they act independently and this case brings up the reality that they can be controlled by many different centers (see PJAK, TAK etc).

Required initiative was given to authorities (TSK) for ?Cross-border Operation?. However, it is the truth that somebody tries to pull Turkey into Northern Iraq swamp. It reveals quite clearly. Why a terrorist organization who always prefers passive actions such as ?mining and rocket attacks? suddenly takes decision for active action? This question should be answered?

Moreover, soldiers died in the region are members of a team from Bolu Commando Brigade. Under normal conditions, this team should be on at least 180 m2 areas on the region (supposing that there is 10 m between each soldier). Though the area is very steep and rocky, ambushing all team members at the same time means that terrorist attack is well-planned and well-organized?

Then, what does terrorist organization aim? Why PKK, who declared in June 1, 2004 that they were annulling ceasefire, became so aggressive even though kurdish movement is represented in the Parliament? We should examine mysterious Middle East for answers. Other organization (equivalent of PKK) called as PJAK makes operations against Iran. We can understand that someone pushed the button for the region?

The purpose is to direct anger of Turkey into this region and to pull Turkish army into Iraq. End of such movements may reach big wars. Maybe, the organization is being used as a pawn. All probabilities should be considered in such cases.

It should also be discussed that why a movement giving up the ideal of ?independent state? by means of their leader captured in 1999 makes such aggressive operations? Somebody is playing very dangerous games in the region and I think that we are going to an end which is not controlled by us. By the way, this problem is not a Kurd problem, but it is a TERROR problem?

Even though all these events, our media became more insensitive? Especially ATV is being criticized much for two days since they did not interrupt their broadcasting for flash news. This situation appeared in previous martyr news. We as whole citizens became insensitive? It seems that martyr news became normal for us?

No! As being a nation, we should never forget those died in a young age for our country? We do not have the right to forget. We should show the thing called as Social Reflex? But this reflex should not feed the anger against ethnical origins? Conversely, we should defend brotherhood and living together? Do not forget that 5 of those martyr soldiers were Kurdish... Therefore, ethnic origin is not important for indivisible integrity of this country? As I said above, it is not a Kurd problem but terror problem? Ethnic origin may be related with the reasons in the origins of terror. However, they can be solved by discussing?

Millions of people marched on roads due to terror attacks in Spain? Why don?t we do such things? Millions of people can march on roads quietly within the context of democratic rules? But there is nothing except a few weak actions? Some says that ?Our National Soccer Team should wear black uniforms in Moldova match in order to reflect our pain to the whole world?? Yes it is a kind of reaction, but we totally should say ?Enough!?? A huge ENOUGH to all kinds of terror...

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