Shall Turkey Become Malaysia in the Near Future? ? 2

I tried to summarize the general atmosphere in Turkey in my first article (you can read it from here).

It is really a tough question. Shall Turkey Become Malaysia? The answer may be both ?Yes? and ?No?. It depends on your point of view.

If we consider the issue by evaluating the political structuring in here, it seems that Turkey has a path going to Malaysia. Important positions for governing cities, municipalities, villages etc. have been secured by people so close to Islamic environment. Secular people are gradually being removed from these organizations. As Islamic environment were just strong in provinces in the past, now they are getting strong in cities and this shows us that there is someone behind the curtain supporting them.

Let?s get back to the date when all these debates appeared? After Richard Holbrooke visited Turkey, he cited that ?Turkey and Malaysia as two examples of ?moderate Islam? that the US and Europe wanted to see nourished in the Islamic world.? Why the US and Europe want to see Moderate Islamic countries?

Democratic and secular Turkey is an example for other Islamic countries and if Turkey becomes a moderate Islamic Republic, it is possible to convert other Eastern countries into a Moderate Islamic Republic.

The reason is clear: It is easier to control them in that way?

In fact, it is well known that Turkey will never become into neither Iran nor Malaysia. In previous decades, Islam and Islamic movements were not a problem in Turkey. However, the purpose today is to create a polarization between Islamic and secular environments in Turkey. Thus, Turkey can be distracted by the fight of two opposite thoughts and become weak.

Don?t you believe? Just analyze the recent issues on the agenda; Moderate Islamic debate, Armenian Bill in the US, PKK problem in Northern Iraq etc.

Someone wants Turkey to get into trouble?


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