Shall Turkey become Malaysia in the near future?

In fact, I was planning to write an article about the periods both before and after the presidency process in Turkey but there are more important and serious issues in Turkey in these days?

There are some disputes and rumors here about the studies on new ghost constitution. I am calling it as ghost because our ?dear? government has not disclosed it yet. They are revealing a small piece of it to understand the reactions of public opinion, thus they may change some contrary points before disclosure.

By means of these little pieces, many argument issues appear. As to the disputes, turban is becoming more free than it has ever been and all education system is going to allow all religious symbols in schools (not only in universities but also in high schools and even in primary schools) by this new constitution.

Secularism is also another discussed subject. New constitution is going to make the term of secularism more meaningless by turning it into an empty term harmless for Islamic circles.

These two main discussed points have revealed a new question: Shall Turkey become Malaysia in the near future?

According to the news, Malaysia was once a democratic and secular country before some basic articles of their constitution about secularism were changed. After the change, Malaysia has become a ?Moderate Islamic Republic? in years.

New constitution is intimidating people in Turkey and they are asking themselves: What if Turkey becomes a ?Moderate Islamic Republic? in a close future? What if Turkish women are forced to veil themselves? What if Turkey is going to be ruled by Islamic Laws instead of democratic laws?

Answers for these concerns and the attitude of the government are very important before the disclosure of new constitution draft and it seems that the government does not seem to collaborate with non-governmental organizations for preparing the new constitution.

Turkey is on its critical days for its future and the attitude of the government shall give shape to this future.

There are many things to say, thus I will write about much more things about these issues on my next articles?


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