Recent PKK attacks have created a great reaction in Turkey. Many people in many cities took part in demonstrations. Thus, we?re all asking the same question: What does PKK ?really? want to do?

Actually, PKK itself knows very well that they can not cope with T.A.F. (Turkish Armed Forces). Moreover their recent attacks may only accelerate the operation while a cross-border operation is being discussed. Then, it seems that they want T.A.F. to be in Northern Iraq. But, damn, Why? Why they want Turkey to be in Northern Iraq? It is so obvious!

Let?s have a brain storming? Let?s imagine the near future in the pessimistic way?

TAF enters into Northern Iraq to clean all PKK threats. Massoud Barzani (as the man supporting PKK and terrorism) decides to help PKK; because if he doesn?t, then his only chance (PKK) to settle accounts with Turkey disappears? His peshmergas join PKK terrorists and the fight suddenly becomes a local war. They give great harm to Turkish forces because PKK terrorists have very strong weapons (which were taken from USA forces in a ?mysterious? way). Then TAF decides to use more forces to eliminate PKK. Meanwhile, the USA, some European countries, Israel, Iran and Russia warns Turkey to stop fighting. Turkey becomes an occupier in Northern Iraq according to these countries. PKK and Barzani?s soldiers retreat into the Kurdish villages. TAF follows them and continues to attack. All TVs and newspapers discuss the brutality of TAF, because TAF bombs these villages and kills civilians? This repulsive scenario may be extended more. But I won?t.

By the recent attacks, PKK wants Turkey to enter Northern Iraq. This is the first step of the great plan for creating polarization in Turkey as Turks and Kurds, for weakening Turkey, for establishing a Kurdish federation in Turkey, for dividing and sharing Turkey?

Turkey will not allow such plans; all actors of such plans will be punished when the time comes?