5 November!

Whole media focused on that critical meeting. As I was writing this article, first news began to come. Let?s generally list the conclusions of that meeting:

* PKK is the common enemy of Turkey and the USA.
* Intelligence share is important.
* A triple mechanism shall be settled between the USA, Iraq and Turkey.
* Associated fight is important.
* If an operation is performed, it shall be totally aimed at terrorist organization PKK.

At this stage, even though it is not possible to make an extreme comment, it can be thought by means of the press conference made by Recep Tayyip Erdogan that an operation aimed at PKK shall be performed most probably.

I guess, the US government also thinks likewise. It seems that some balance of local powers shall be affected from such operation. Perhaps, PKK shall become PJAK and disappear forever? As it continues its activities in Iran, a Kurdish Country shall be established in Northern Iraq? So, our country shall bomb an emptied Kandil! It is only a conspiracy theory of course; however it is important in terms of the progress analysis of Great Middle East Project, I guess?

That?s all for now, however I will write about this November 5th meeting, because it is a very important meeting having effects for our country and the region?

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