I haven?t written for a while due to a technical problem? During this period, many issues have been discussed in the media and are still being discussed?I?m sure that the subject you all interested in is the issue of missing soldiers claimed that captured by PKK?.

Though I mentioned it as claimed, it seems that it is true as understood from the video given in Roj TV and from information given by news web sites and the issue continues as a covered crisis for a while? I wonder if these soldiers captured after treacherous ambush in Daglica were forced to surrender. Or did they surrender without fighting?

An article about the issue written by Hulki Cevizoglu suddenly changed the agenda? The article written by Samil TAYYAR about these captured soldiers includes serious claims?
?The attack begins after the ?Undefended? message coming from two points. They may be soldiers or rural guards. However, the person quoting the information to me says that one of the spies is a soldier using night vision goggles.?
Now, it is hard to think over. If these soldiers went there without any scratch, then they avoided to fight. Or they were captured unprepared? It is disproved today that soldiers were saved by red berets and kept in Diyarbakir. Unless someone discloses, we have less chance to learn the truth? There is no way other than reading logical articles, I guess?

As I said in my previous articles, there shall be innumerable commentaries to be commented and conspiracies to be conspired unless reliable news and intelligences comes from the region?We only beat the air? Someone has prepared a scenario and applying it! In other words, someone has pushed the button? Only thing we can do is to watch the strategy from the media, the manipulation device?

But this is a great country? Our only assurances are the truth that we can defend ourselves as we are able to do so and the stable stand of Turkish Armed Forces?


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  1. Why the information is so secret? What happened to those soldiers? Where are they? Where, why, what??? We need answers...