?Wild Blood? is an incredible tragicomic film made by Cetin Inanc in 1983 and starred by Cuneyt Arkin (the actor who starred in ?The Man Who Saved the World?)? I think you remembered what about the film is? When you watch the video here, you?ll understand that Wild Blood is a copy of ?First Blood??

Of course, they changed the name as ?Wild Blood? for not full copying? And the name of the hero ?Rambo? also was changed into ?Riza?? Even this name is enough to laugh out without watching the film?

I don?t know how Cetin Inanc thought of making such a film in such a period; however I can not get mad at his films? I can not criticize them? Because, I would not like Yesilcam so much if these films were not made?All parts of this film exist in youtube, you can watch all of them and see what Turkish Rambo looks like. While I was writing Rambo stories once, people were adding comments for my articles such as ?why are you kidding with Rambo?? In this case, it was not only my imagination, so practically I had a realistic approach according to this film?Anyway, it is a good movie? I mean, for entertaining? It is a masterpiece that I can write a page of comment for each scene?