PKK terrorists


Recently, attitude of DTP (Democratic Society Party) is being discussed so much. Yesterday, another debate appeared. As DTP Sirnak MP Hasip Kaplan was talking about PKK terrorists, he called them as ?guerillas? during the meeting of TBMM Planning and Budget Commission.

Members of DTP neither called PKK as a terrorist organization nor terrorists as ?terrorists?. Their attitude gets reaction? They call terrorists as if they are ?holy warriors of something??

DTP PMs and fans suggest stopping war and establishing a permanent peace but actually their suggestions seem artificial; because their criticisms only aim at Turkish Government and Turkish Armed Forces. They do not criticize PKK; they even do not call them as terrorists.

This is their democracy? Only for terrorists!


They do not take 30.000 people into consideration who died of terror within last 30 years in this country. Some of them were just traveling in the region and their only faults were to be in that vehicle? Some of them were just sleeping in their beds and their only faults were to live in that village?

PKK terror killed 30.000 innocent citizens and DTP only talks about the ?peace? between Turkish Government and those terrorists?


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  1. Levent Guney17 Ekim 2009 02:31

    the big picture but in few words. this is really not enough to explain all. But perhabs you will be more insighted and you can search for better information about this. I just posted this reaction on an article about Israili anger about a Turkish TV program.

    I am surprised by the reactions of the so called 'free world' about this topic. I have just read an article in a Dutch journal(www.Elsevier.nl). The reactions on this article shocked me and especially on the ignorance of the people.
    Reactions as 'the current government is Islamic and against Israel.','Long live Turkish Army because they are against current government','the Turkish government kills Kurdish citizens' 'the Turkish government doesn't accept the Armenian Genocide'.
    What they all don't know is that since the AKP is in power Kurdish rights have been improved, there is Kurdish national broadcast, Kurdish is teached in universities, there is for the moment a 'Kurd Acilim' 'Kurdish Openig' where government wants more rights for Kurdish people and want's a new Constitution that gives more rights to all citizens of Turkey, but extreme nationalist MHP and republican CHP are against it and they bloc any changing of the constitution. You can check it.
    Of course this isn't enough but everyone who understands national politics knows that you can't say things that the people don't like. And to know Turkish people you have to look at their latest history. In Turkey people have been brainwached for 80 years by the military regime that all our neigbours are enemys(Iran, Iraq, Syria, Armenia, Greece, the Kurds), that Kurdish people and the Armenian genocide are a plot of the West and so far.
    You will ask me why?
    When do military regimes have the most support of the people? WHEN IN STATE OF WAR AND IN STATE OF FEAR. So that's why they created artificially conflicts so they can have full support of the people.
    So these poor Turkish people has been told that everybody is an enemy and there's a plot in everything. And as anywhere else in the world most of the people accept everything what is told by the media and education and so far. (Even the high educated Americans accepted almost without any reactions the lies of their leaders, remember Collin Powell in the UN security Counsil when he talked about the Weapens of Mass Destruction and remember Tony Blair 'Saddam can attack Europe in 45 minutes'). Even if the High educated Americans accept easily lies then you can imagine that the lower educated Turkish people is more sensible for these things.
    So it's normal that the AKP can't accept the Armenian genocide. It will seem HIGH TREASEN to the Turkish people and they will not support AKP anymore. But AKP is handling things more subtle. -AKP just signed protocols that will normalize relations with Armenia. - AKP just renewed relations with Syria.
    - AKP is talking to Kurish North Iraq authoritys. - AKP prime-minister Tayip Erdogan is the first to tell on national TV that there is a Kurdish Problem. It seems rediculous but it's true. Before him they always talked about terrorists and mountain Turks.

    You can truly see that there are positive signs in Turkish politics.

    Now is it so bad that an independent government can criticize the murder of 1000 innocent people.
    When 2000 innocent people died in New York on 9/11. All the governments of the world showed their grief. And The USA government started a war that costed directley and inderectley more than 1.000.000 deads. They used lies about Waepens of Mass Destruction.

    Now I think we have to redefine the words 'free world' because untill now it means free in expression and free in space. But if we can add also FREE IN MIND then we will be really FREE.

    How free are they or are you?