EURO 2008

Finally, our dreams became real and we hardly managed to rise from that group, the group we thought before that it was easy.

As everything calmed down by the Norway victory, tension between media and Terim did not. There was such a pressure on players that they exhibited an amazing struggle under these conditions? First of all, they should be congratulated for that?

While our team was excessively criticized after Malta and Greece matches, they redeemed themselves; however there are columnists still arguing that National Team did not played well. Indeed, it is impossible to agree this opinion. We even had hard times in Bosnia match last night. Okay, there was an important stress and thus our players could not focus on the game; on the other hand, technically, our team could not be organized on the forward line. We have mid-field players who are not playing bad for a long time; if we become more productive on goal, we can do something in finals, I think?
When I looked at crying of Haluk Ulusoy and after-game-videos of Fatih Terim, it seemed to me that they are spiting to the media. I think, they are right a bit? Besides, it is a score thing? Is winner always right? Unfortunately this is always valid for football?

Winner is always right!

Note: This note is also about the announcer in the stadium? I?ve never heard such meaningless announcements before?

?Lets cheer friends; we?ve only 20 minutes? Please!!! Don?t be quiet. Don?t leave our team alone??
?Hey Sefa, Do Not Sleep??



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