Traffic problem of Istanbul is increasing incredibly. The problem, which should be solved by the efforts of whole country if it was in another country, is taken normally in here...

There is nothing to do with this inattention; however, there are also steps taken to solve this key problem. For instance, see the discussions for third bridge in Istanbul. A fervent discussion of ?the environment shall be ruined? is already begun, as in discussions made for first and second bridges.

It should be certainly mentioned that the problem should be solved immediately. Because passing from Anatolian side to European side and vice versa during certain hours is like a torture. Then, is it a solution to build a third bridge? According to the declarations, 3rd bridge shall be used for transit passes. So it means that the city traffic shall be cleared from trucks and busses. Well, what about the vehicles having single passenger (only the driver)? The most striking cars in the morning traffic are these cars having only one passenger (only the driver)... Even though we have enough public transport, there is a group of people who do not renounce their private vehicles... How can this problem be solved under these conditions? I don?t know if 3rd, 4th and 5th bridges can be a remedy for traffic problem, however it is so tragic to wait in traffic for hours frivolously...



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