Turkish fans

A longing for 8 years finally ended after a pain suffered for 90 minutes. And Turkish National Football Team is entitled to join European Football Championship for two times under the direction of Fatih Terim first in Euro?96 and then in Euro?2000 and totally for the third times. Even though we would accept the choice we are offered that ?play one game with Bosnia at your home, get the ticket of Euro 2008 if you win?, we had a match under tension during the game. After that moment, it does not matter whether it is fourth or third bag; we nationally believe that our national team will honorably represent us in Switzerland and Austria with a team established well after a successful preparation period.

And for the match, let?s begin with a small passage that I wrote after the match played with Hungary in September 13th, 2007. Read what I wrote in that analysis:

?If it depends on the last match, I do not think that Bosnia pose any threat against Turkey. If you wonder why, let me say that empathy and sympathy dynamics frequently seen in Europe in such situations may help us. Either you love or hate, it is only Haluk Ulusoy who can easily create these empathy and sympathy dynamics.?

Though comments in Norwegian press, made by them when they learnt the team of Bosnia came to Turkey, are not respected; we can reveal the truth about the reluctance of Bosnia for defeating Turkey by considering the difference of 5 players of today?s Bosnian team and the one defeated our team as 3-2 in their own field and the statement of Bosnian Coach Fuad Muzurovic saying ?I want to give chance for young players?. Is it a sake chicane? Of course, it is not. We witnessed many matches that bone cracking sounds could be heard during the game. But I think that Bosnian players thought of ?Norway or Turkey?? question when it is about going to rival goal. It is seen in the statistics published by uefa.com after the match that Bosnian shoots on target is 2, however it is disputable how they are dangerous. I suggest everyone to watch carefully the cross-ball made from our left wing when our team stuck into our penalty area especially at 92nd minute of the match. And ask yourself: Norway? Bosnia?

According to the technical analysis of the game, it is said that our national team got trouble since it had the same players for Bosnian match that played against Norway before. Norway and Bosnian are representatives from two different football ecoles. As the dominant features of Norway football are physical struggle and balls coming from air, Bosnia consists of players having high technical capacity and trying to play according to the influence of Yugoslavian ecole. Nevertheless, it should be taken normally that our National Team could not create expected pressure even against Bosnia having missing players. Wholeheartedly game played by especially Aurelio and Emre tonight are performances that we should appreciate.

As Aurelio created the bridge between defense and offense successfully, Emre relieved all the team when he entered during a hot moment of the game. He also relieved us by using the ball effectively during the game. While talking about these performances, of course, we also should mention about Gokhan Gonul, the new star of Turkish football. As we may call him ?rookie? for his appearance, he showed us by the last match that he suddenly turns into a ?Cafu? clone when he enters into the field. Apparently, we will need this young talent much in Euro 2008.

After all, our longing of European Championship for 8 years ended by this ninety minutes. There is only an elimination group left in which we start in a good condition and then stumble and finally play ?very good? when we have hard times. During this long marathon, certainly we had moments that we did not like the performance of our national team and criticized frequently. However, we are all happy today when we review the result. Well, as Fatih Terim said once:

?Resultante importante!?

(This article is translated from the article of Cem T. Here is the link of its Turkish version in his blog: http://ayaktopu.blogcu.com/4652466/ )