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Fouad Al-Farhan

I found an interesting news as I was visiting newspaper web sites and blogs a few days ago. I noticed the event after protesting actions hade been made, if someone else mentioned it before me, I beg your pardon?The news is about Saudi blogger Fouad Al-Farhan being taken into custody by Saudi Ministry of the Interior? Yes, a blogger was taken into custody due to fact that he wrote articles against Saudi Arabia and then arrested for his contrary attitude. You can pass over the matter lightly as seeing the issue ?normal? since that the event occurred in Saudia Arabia; however bloggers in many country are at great risk?

Devrim Demirel, the founder of the first great blog service in Turkey, who made comments about internet prohibitions in his article titled as 2008 Foresights that he wrote for my personal blog, said in his article: ?Services such as Blogcu.com shall be closed for a long time just as Wordpress due to a few disputatious articles. Those who live in Turkey and do not give up shall be recognized by courts and shall re-open their webs if they can convince TTNet (The only communication & internet provider of Turkey). They shall lose prestige, member, time and money within those periods. Lawyers of Adnan Oktar (who brought into courts an article published in Wordpress.com and made connections unavailable to the site from Turkey) shall enjoy much for blocking the connection of many other sites used by Turkish people.?

This shows us that closing a blog in Turkey is not impossible, in fact being closed for long time of wordpress.com is not forgotten yet?

Saudi Blogger Fouad Al-Farhan discusses the degeneration in his country and says that political reforms should immediately be done in his country. Bloggers in many countries such as Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Algeria supported Farhan by writing protesting articles. They even created a blog for supporting him: freefouad.com

Farhan, attending to school in the USA and having a company on computer programming was taken into custody in his office in Jiddah. According to the Ministry of the Interior, he was arrested due to his political attitude and a civil movement that he tried to create. And he will be free if he apologizes? And Farhan reacts by saying: ?I?m not ready to do it. What for will I apologize and for who??



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