Turkish Forced Army and Northern Iraq

    Turkish Forced Army had made a successful operation to Northern Iraq and came back. Now, I know that many people get mad at my determination and write interesting comments; however, if the analyze is made as to the realities only shown in the media, we can make mistakes. Evacuation of the area by TSK created the perception of ?untimely evacuation? by both Turkish and foreign media but the reasons of it may be so different?

Firstly, ?the operation has been ended within the planned period? as said by our Chief of General Staff, but the evacuation made after the declarations of Gates and Bush has created confusion. Different comments can be made at this point. Our army was evacuating the area as planned; however might someone leaked information about this evacuation date? My comment is only one possibility?

Someone who learnt this leaked date information might make such explanations in order to influence the media and accordingly the public? Everything is possible and truths are hidden in details. If we do not agree with the premise (which I totally disagree) that our army evacuated the area as American government said, then there must a different probability? As I said before, someone might leak the information about the ending date of operation. Isn?t it meaningful that Hoshyar Zebari made a declaration as ?Turkish Army receded!? before anyone else? Someone want TSK fall from esteem. I just wanted you to evaluate recent events from different points of view. I also want to remind you that if TSK was about to evacuate the area just someone said ?turn back?, they would never perform such an operation!


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