Rumors About Turks In History

There are two big excellences that raisepeople :The man must be brave ,thewomanhonorable. Besidethese two excellences there is anotherexcellenceof Turks that raisesboth woman and man : to love their country , so Turkscan be killed ,but can?t be defeated


I talk about Turks . Turk who seems like a terrible whirlwind ,sea and unjust enemy is mild wind and clean lake,nearfriend or enemywithout weapon , That is heedlessness to daunt this wind and to maket his beatiful lake to a terrible sea.

Tassa(Italier Poet)

Iwas just aboutto be taken prisoner . That is a deathand rescued. There was a big danger in front of the river ?Buğ? water in front of me ,enemy behind me and the sun which kill . The waterwantsto chokeme,enemywantsto kill me , butIrescued , buttodayI am prisoner ofTurks . They made me prisoner ,but there was nochainon my feet ,Iamnot in prison , nowI am prisoner of compassionand politeness . That is very niceto be a prisonerbetweenso a polite nation.

Şarl,King of Sweden

Turks knowhow to dieand this nation can?t be defeated . It?spossibleto set up army andto drag thesearmies ,butin front of my armies obsracle: Memories of Turks .Turks whoovercomeevery nation 300-400 years ago ,area obstacle . In brief it?s important not onlyto overcomeTurks ,but also to overcome history of them.


(Commander of Austria)

Turks arenobleof noble . It?s gift to Turks of nature .


Turks have not only terriblecourage , but also magician intelligence. Turks wins warswith this intelligence . It was impossible withanother waytodominatethe half of Europeforyears .


(Commander of Russian)

Thebiggest ornamenttürkischewomen is to be Turk .They don?t put on diamond ,becauseevery türkisch womanis a pearl.

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

It?s possible to show the beatiful face ,polite smile ,power of Türkish ,but it?s impossibleto showesenceof them . That esence is seen like a moonlight ,but it?s not showed.


(Artist of French )

Turkishe people are terrible rider . They win enemy like a leave .

Cahiz(arabish scientist)

The hearts ofthemare clean . They have no superstitious Idea and easy Ideas.

Semame İbn-i Eşreş

(arabish scientist)

Turks are hero.


Thingswhich they love are God and truth.

William Pitt

They are old than Heredot and old Testament


They are the most genuine nation which Europeand Asien know.


It?s possibleto see trust which weapongives the soulon glance of every them. Theyknow that they look lifewith trust.


The hand of themwhich use sword with unjustağabeylityis alsoskilledatembracing wound of people.


They aren?t afraid . They are successfull at everything.

Sememe İbn-i Eşreş

This was very niceto learn Türkish ,because it?s necessary to talk with themwithout translatorin order to understand them. Translator aren?t necessary.


Scientist of French

The soldiers are brave . They love their country.

Albert Einstein

I don?t fight withthem . They are brave and goodpeople.There are two unknown thingsin the world . One is pole ,theanother is Türkish.

Albert Sorel

The thing about which theytalk is war . Ther amusentis weapon.


They are professionel soldiersince2000 years . The job of themis military service.


Befriend with them ,but don?t be enemy.

Gianni de Michelis

We weren?tsuccesed in Çanakkale . How would we success? They fight with a very terrible way . I haven?tseen so a nation.

Sir JulienCebret

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