Today is 17th august ,and also  is the date  we don?t wanna remember  of all the moments .Nine years ago  an unforgetable earthquake had happened  in the Marmara region .Thousand of people  died, lots of buildings  collapsed .Such  a date   I don?t wanna remind, however  I know  so well that we mustn?t  forget  the earthquake reality .

  At this date  our country  was in a terrible hole ,moreover  even Greece  had sent  aid ,and this created cement between two countries .Yeah this was a terrible tragedy ,catastrophe and we were in a trauma  as nation.

Unsafe  buildings without permission  and the intensity of earthquake destroyed thousands of families .I pray for souls of dead of this  earthquake ,I wish that  all of them  would be in the paradise.

   Was a study published  about  what having been done  in this region  until now?Having  followed  the press,newspaper,Imust say such a study isn?t avaliable .Seperately  the buildings are used after having been dyed and repaired (but only surfaces were repaired),all right at this point  maybe we can say  the people of region  feel to need  these buildings to go on living ,however it must be considered  that how a  neglectfulness  will come into being  because of a new  earthquake  in the future .Try to  envisage the publications ,It is  condition to take necessary  measurements in order  to not give a chance  to such these events.

  An another  subject  is about expected earthquake of İstanbul .I couldn?t see  worthwhile  studies  in İstanbul .If an erthquake happened now ,the situation would be tragedic  and also terrifying .

Turkey must transport objectionable regions  in order to do away with  this problem .It  shouldn?t be waited  when the chips are down.Unfortunately people  and authorized go on being  callous .

  I hope  that  such an earhtquake will never happen again ,but have less damage because of that natural catastrophe isn?t  prevented...



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  1. Huseyin ,you have just published the article I must say your article ,both in turkish and also  in english is pretentious, actually I want you to go on this blog,coursly writing something,ok the subjects are the top congratulations