The war that erupts between Russia and Georgia reminds the cold war which lasting in a period. Although balance of the horror which have continued for a while arrive to the level of destroying the world it shows to the world that the importance of balance politica with along lasting without clashing.

But years of 90s and collapsing of SSCB has created a world that has one polar and is under hegemony of America. While America was making the horse move with their special ideas, Russia was striving with slumps and problems of changing the government. This process was continued until appearing Putin and new Russia again.
During a long time the new Russia wanted to show themselves to the diplomacy world. During a long time USA was worried about the energy-martial cooperation between themselves and Persia and China and greedy attitude on region of Hazar. This fears, accelerated the velvet and orange reforms in the region of USA, diplomatic behaviours of especially Ukraine and Georgia was enough to infuriate Russia. Nato membership of Georgia and their role on Bakü-Tiflis-Ceyhan line, on the other hand their savings on South Osetia were the end point.

Russia is already tried to keep alive and safe the resistance of the Ahbazia and Osetia region against Georgia. Georgia was thinking Europe and USA are with them and they want to brake this esistance and when they attacked to South Osetia with a big risk, the rope has broken!!!!!!  We want to remind some sentences from Henry Kissinger: ? big states never flinches ? and ? big powers never suicide for their allied?
In the last analysis Georgia has made a big strategic mistake. This mistake gave an important chance to Russia and  with this event Putin?s hand has powered incredibly which tried to give a massage about their being. The real reason of continuing the war such a long time and Russuia?s don?t answering the calls of armistice is a threat that should given all around the world and all around the Caucasus. Shortly, Russia seems to be decisive about returning all their power to scene of diplomacy.
The world locked to the war between Russia-Georgia in the Caucasian. A trouble in South Ossetia and Georgia?s steps on the membership of NATO are showed the reasons of the war.
The war?s bad face appeared with bombing on the Russia?s civilians. Although all world society showed reaction United Nations hasn?t reacted directly yet. Russia also dosn?t reply to calles of armistice of Georgia.
South Ossetia was committed to Georgia as ?South Ossetia Autarchic Region? in 1922. This region that was quiet at the Past Soviet Union time, has lived many independence attitude after breakup period of the Soviets.  The tension between the South Ossetia which wanted to join with North Ossetia that was depend on Russian federation  and Georgia has increased since end of 1989.
Energy maps on the caucasus were on the agenda for a long time. Even, the Project of Baku-Ceyhan-Tiflis pipeline was a study that was discussed a lot and great companies were associated with it. Approach of Russia to this Project and the position of Turkey are also known. Even, the news of attacks to BTC line were in the received news. Also, notification of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, ?Turkish infantries of sea is waiting in the Batumi?, is quite scary. I think someone require that Turkey should take a part in this game.
Turkey must determine their position in this war carefully. Both the crimes of wars and our economic and social relationships between these two governments lead the conditions into dead-end.
When we take a look to strength of military of both governments, obvious advantage of Russia is demonstrable. Actually, i don?t think Georgia had been inclusive of this war if there wasn?t such provocations but Russia tried all the ways of mixing this problem. Althought Medvedev now says that their aim was protect the soldiers of Russian and Russian peace corps, the obvious condition doesn?t show so. Because it is question that Russia that doesn?t response the armistice calls.

Also it?s interesting that it?s time was as the same as first day of the olympiad. In any case it is must that this war which injured the civils so much should end immediately. Otherwise both country may be obligate to be witness to pains that are difficult to tolerate?