The New Generation Media and The Blog Writers

    While the world is changing and developing, it changes literal-publishing world too. It figurates it into a different way. The media world is straining to take a position about technology that improves with light velocity.
Now people can send the photographs with mobile phones to their own blog and can add their writings. Although people can?t use it functionally, even presence of such a chance leads to being affected of the classical media units.

Blogging is having an importance in this way. People can challenge to media cartel by their own blogs and  in this scene they can develop their own medium. We came such a situation that people can find blogs that scratch about every subject. Except receiving hot news, blogs penetrated every place. The only and the most important problem is actuality and stability problem.
The internet is full of thousand of blogs that have opened long time ago but it have no written lines (or a few line has written). Another article subject is increasing blogs that are similar to each other and increasing blogs which prepared with copy-paste?
Finally, blogs keep on changing and transforming the media world. The important thing is keeping on this situation. This responsibility is also concercning the bloggers.



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