Turkey and Drollery

Drollery; is a great thing that isn?t spoken, kept clear of talking about or talked about frightening things that provide in those terms. Drollery is also defined ? a vehicle that disturbed people?, it can live with the same people in our country.

Gilles Deleuze ve Eric Sanday are described a distinction about drollery like this:
1-perpendicular drollery: A drollery type that contains witticism. It?s structural is centralist or hierarchal.
Examples: Cem Yılmaz, Sarlo, South Park, Sitcoms, Erdener Abi.
2- horizontal drollery: A drollery type that contains gaiety. It is less run across than perpendicular drollery. It consist of appearing funny ambiance with slowly joining lots of factor. Although it doesn?t bare of crack completely, it isn?t controlled to crack.
Examples: Hababam Sınıfı, Jacques Tati.(bkz.eksisozluk)
Drollery can live with the same people in our country like i talked about before. Although finding different styles (bkz. TV8 Komedi Dükkanı), we get hung up in the same way. It?s a some kind of comedy world that turns between circle of Cem Yılmaz, Beyaz, Şahan and Ata Demirer. Or ve can say stand-up world. Now, three of those four famous people are busy with cinema projects? Turk cinemas might bloat up their appetite because of increasing the counter takings so they busy with this job.

Cem Yılmaz displayed a succesful graphic of his past films. This graphic is also quite  competent as counter. Other candidates are just entering in this sector. Let?s line up these films?
Ata Demirer: ?Osmanlı Cumhuriyeti??
Cem Yılmaz : ?A.R.O.G?
Şahan Gökbakar: ?Recep İvedik?

This three people have no competition among them. In fact they also haven?t got the same audience. In Şahan Gökbakar?s film, there weren?t scenes which as creative as Cem Yılmaz?s one. Because there are such a simple cracks in trailer of ?Recep İvedik?, so there is no need to find a creativeness. But Şahan could prepare a better film that we remember from one of the TV8 term. I am sure that people will go and have fun too much from this film. I guess Şahan Gökbakar know this and he doesn?t care artistic creativeness.
We should approach to film, Osmanlı Cumhuriyeti, distantly because it comes from Gani Müjde.İt can be so good or so bad? If the level of humour in this movie is similar to ?Kaygısızlar? that was watched too much in a past time period, it is must that the movie will have important problems but we shouldn?t forget that there is a star, Ata Demirer, in this movie who can change the score of the match.
Let?s come to A.R.O.G? It seems to subvert the counter takings because it hit the headlines with only its  fragment. Anyway there no need to make an effort to understanding the subject from the fragment because it isn?t apprehensible. But it isnn?t important for people because they are going to this cinema for only smiling, not understanding something or seeing. The best thing is waiting for issue.



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