The amazing victory in the presedency shocked the world agenda, now Barack H. Obama continues to be on the word media agenda with presidential oath ceremony. Although election of African-American as a president in America is exciting, but his long silence against tragedy of Gaza deteriorates this excitement.

Firstly, I want to give some numerical values related with oath ceremony given by the media.

150 million $ Total Cost of the Oath Ceremony.
25 dolar Ticket of the ceremony sold in 1 minute.
2 million The number of audiences expected to join in the ceremony.
5.265 Security Camera located.
40 000 The number of assigned police and military force.

5 000 Toilets placed in the ceremony area.

Numbers indicate that this will be a big media show. There are a lot of problems that President Obama should solve. Especially, collapsed USA economy is waiting to be risen. American economy staffs are written in even our newspapers.

The cause is the fact that global economy is affected by existed crisises at maximum in this country. For this reason, Obama's desicions will affect us at last somehow.

In terms of political vision, anything remains in people minds except a few speeches effecting our emotions. To understand Barack Obama, it is necessary to read the books namely "Babamdan Hayaller" and "Umudun Cesareti". He has a protest past and experiment but being the President of America could postpone keeping this attitute.

Before Bush left the office, Israel, occupied Gaza, starts to withdraw its military forces before Obama's oath. I think this is a cryptic message for Obama. However, this is certain that long silence of Obama against this situation formed sorrow in world media and especially 3. World which fancied his presidency.

After that we will see how he keeps political vision but as a matter of the fact that there are enormous problems waiting to be settled out. . For now his charisma would be sufficient but I think if he does not act, "Obama is a media project" analysis would become true.