Be Proud and Powerful, Turkey is With You!

Gathered group that met Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the airport was shouting like that above. The historical reaction which was made during Davos meetings by our Prime Minister was put on the world's agenda with flash news.

This reaction is the most courages and proud reaction showed to Israel that continues the occupation which does not care about the children in Gaza.

First of all, I should say that all Turkish people deeply feel the pain lived in Gaza. This is a pain including crimes against humanity which can be hurt any humankind deeply. Even Arabian world stayed silent against this humanity tragedy, our Prime Minister spoke in the behalf of Turkish people and revieled certain realities that should be said in the official areas now.

Let's think about the same manner for Turkey. If Turkey have an operation into all of North Iraq, bomb and kill all of the civil people into cities like Arbil and Sulaimania. What would be the answer of the world in your opinion? What would we live thought? Even the operations made by our government to unpopulated areas for terorists were rubbished. However; if Israel continues to take a part in forums and seminars saying "I'm right", therefore, it means there is a serious problem.

Now, a number of people from media would write colomns telling Prime Minister did wrong ...Even a lot of them were written already. Ok, this type of emotional reactions cause disadvantage instead of advantage in diplomacy. It can happened some troubles and deformations in the bilateral country relations and especially relations with USA. However; the concept or function, namely; diplomacy is current for wars also. We mix things up. Israel should use diplomacy to the last stage before entering to Palestine by tanks.

There is no diplomacy, when occupation is happanning with bombs and tanks, however; when the prime minister of a country says the truth, there is diplomacy. Come on guys, come on gentelmens, are these things that easy?

Politics are described as a profession that reality won't be revealed always...

However, the truths can be said some time courageously.

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