People who follow this blog know that I am a crazy fun of western. You are more interested with the issue if you have cinema education... Moreover, I think about the need of making a western movie in Turkey.

After finding new plateau instead of "peri bacalari" for this function, of course. I think these types of plateaus can be found in Central Anatolia or East Anatolia.

Now, nobody do not write "why do not you think to make local and national movies" in comments. Of course, local, authantic and especially a lot of stories left in our history are waiting, however; Western is another passion, type... Today, one of the biggest factors caused to form "...what will they make this year" expected Hollywood movie industry is Western movies.

For this reason, Western is interesting type and can be considered as ancestor of cinema. While the stories are formed, it is benefitial to solve used structures.

By the way, the film that it's posted above is a Western which was made in 1966, namely "Django"... Of course, the director is Sergio Corbucci who is assistant of Sergio Leone (see The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly- Director) therefore it is possible to find sounds of "A Fistfull of Dollars". Moreover, it can be said that "Sergio Corbucci, you made a movie just same as "A Fistfull of Dollars" movie, guy."

However, there is another side in this movie affects us and already 32 series of the movie was made.. Django Strikes Again, Django versus Santana, etc... I should say the soundtrack of the movie is perfect. Of course, soundtrack is very nice certainly for fun of western movies it surely good.

Movie analyts at that time being agree on the amazing effect of the soundtrack already. Whereas star actor guy Frank Nero imagined being a "The New Eastwood", he became a Django. I should specify that vasty scenes were made extremely. Apparently, Sergio Corbucci is harsher than his master. - Ear cutting scene gave influence to Reservoir Dogs Movie-...

Django which was one of the movies affecting Tarantino caused to make "Sukiyaki Western Django" movie. In this movie, Japan and Western sounds came together and formed a Tarantino work. I should say that Tarantino played as a star in Sukiyaki Western Django movie and the director was Takeshi Miike...

Finally, I prolonged my speech; it is a perfect Western that should be watch. By the way, you don't think about Western movies comparing 1950s Western movies which are broadcasted on TRT2, please. Don't forget, real western is the spaghetti. Western which is not The Man with No Name, Django and Ringo cannot be named real Western... I don't say so at least...

Mr. Jackson, is not it?



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