Gastronomical Racism

When I read the news article that "Luccarian who want to keep Traditional Italian Cuisine accepted the regulation prohibiting establishment of ethnic restaurants in city centre and near the historical places.", the concepts of Europe and double standard came up on my mind...I want to think about probability of gastronomic racism in our country...

You read the news. The city named Lucca had prohibited ethnical like kebab to keep their local foods not to dissapear. Now, I think that what would happen if we do same thing in Turkey?

I imagine you prohibited all restaurants and fast food restaurants except "Iskender kebap" in Bursa. By doing this you said to reinforce the importance of iskender kebap in history and to protect endemic gastronomic structure... You can guess the storm would come up in media. Let's think about what kind of critics and comments you will be comming... there would be left nor your racism not your intolerance.

But when you think about the issue and case in terms of good judgment, while it is unfavourable in our country, it is normal in Europe. So, while they have values to protect, but somehow we have not! I cannot understand this double standard. The disgusting side of the issue I wish this just heppend in the gastronomy.

Unfortunately, we face with double standards from Europe in a lot of manner... In fact, it is meaningless to prolong the word; I guess it will continue ın this context...

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  1. I live in Italy and spend as much time as I can in Turkey. It is amazing how many dishes the two countries have in common. I think Italians in general are too provincial to realize what a melting pot their cuisine is. Imagine if they had banned tomatoes from the New World, eggplant from the Levant, persimmon from the Middle East? Italian cuisine as we know it would be unrecognizable without influences from all over the Mediterranean and beyond.

  2. Last time I checked, Turks are generally able to celebrate and continue their ethnic heritage in Europe. Can minorities in Turkey do the same? Before you criticize Europe of "food racism," you should take a look around at Turkey and serious legal and psychological double standards and racism aimed at its minorities. A Greek or Armenian can't even hoist their ethnic flag in Turkey for fear of being beaten in the streets, or accused of "anti-Turkishness". So please, Mr. Blogger, more humility in your future posts.

  3. I think is is a different subject...Here I only wrote about "food"... Just "food" :-))

  4. Let a Greek be allowed to open a successful restaurant in Mollaköy, and then you can complain of "double standards" in Europe. :D