I don't like fast-food restaurants by no means, I usually go to these type of restaurants necessarily.  Usual fast-food court restaurants in the shopping centre are named as the Burger King, Mc Donalds or Kentucky Fried Chicken that I write their names with difficulty.

I experienced an event in the KFC when I went to eat something last day; I want to mention this today. Meanwhile, Kentucky, (I write this name as KFC to be easyJ) is a fast-food company I like the most. I think it is because of my weakness for fried chicken.

This restaurant was established by Colonel Harland D. Sanders in the Kentucky State of America at mids of 1930s. This man had market 100 % of chicken meat without any processing after mixed with special mixture including 11 spices and still it is liked so much...

KFC had been a giant fast-food company which sell 4.5 billion chicken pieces annually. My problem is related to KFC's price policy. I have not a trouble related to menu prices. I am a man who eats Extreme Menu every time. However, all of us know classical obsession of Turkish people. We want to see a piece of bread near every meal. We cannot hide the fact that we eat bread with pilafJ. Normally, the situation is also current in the KFC restaurant. In addition, you want to eat a piece of bread with delicious fried chicken.

But...The price of bread named as "biscuit" sold in KFC is 80 kurus, in other words; 800 000 Tl with old calculation... When I asked why price of this bread is so high, I got the reply as "this bread is so extremely nutrious, if you eat only one, you would not eat the chicken". It is really creative reply. It affects consumer which is in a diet and also likes eating dessert, pie, and bun with their calories.

I don't want the filling meal, guys! We want to eke the bread near the chicken, that's all. Biscuit named bread is smaller than peastry. Generally, people say "Guys, Pizza Hut makes money from cola, menu is unlimited but cola is expensive"... (In this case, it should be written about this issue after going to Pizza Hut). The situation is resembled as KFC.

My people have to buy the bread becasue they like it. It is interesting marketing strategy in terms of KFC and it seems aggressively in local marketing whereas I expect that a full of tray bread is served us from KFC as diners just as normal restaurant. . I can hear that everybody says "not that much"...

If a mini-biscuit can be sold for 80 kurus and if that is normal, my expectation is also normal in that case.