Saitabat Waterfall

We are starting a journey in Saitabat Waterfall near the Ottoman traces bearing Cumalikizi Village in Bursa.
Enthusiastic waterfall... With its roaring voice it runs. Mixing of water and bird voices... Area full of green grasses with plane trees around. ..Saitabat waterfall offers you such a view. In this area, there is nothing to do instead of picnic, resting and making sport. It is a big garden in the skirts of the Uludag. Feeling the canyon which the water flows through and the cold water increases the joy of life. You don't want to leave the area while you have a wonderful time picnicking in countryside restaurants. Before talking about other details of Saitabat Waterfall, we should walk other places around and then return to the picnic place.

If you start your journey early from Istanbul, you would be in Bursa at noon. Iskender kebab could be the place to bid since you are already here. With your hungry stomack, rising appetite, impatience; waiters of popular kebab will serve with no smiling attitudes your late mail. Leaving Bursa to the Ankara direction will lead you Cumalikizik Village in second station. Historical homes, mosque, fountain, narrow streets, that lovely Ottoman village; is attracting attention of tourists. Completely historical place does not contain any modern apartments. Including its 350 household this lovely Ottoman village had some restoration as transformation to today's era. Some houses are transformed to gozlemeci, some countryside restaurant, some to pensions. You feel like you are in theater stage while you are walking on the streets.

You would coincide with moviemakers even 700-year-old houses. Local villagers show hospitality to tourists who visit the village as if they had come to their house. You observe their work to grow cherry, walnut, chestnut, especially the raspberry, fruit and vegetables except citrus. A part of the hardworking villagers offer to eat delicious "gozleme" including patatos, cheese, aubergine, crushed sesame seeds with various herbs.

After the leaving 3 km far away from Cumalikizik Village that provides artistic activities like taking photo, paint picture, you come to Saitabat also 12 km far way from Bursa. While flow of water in the canyon with hard rock challenging years, waterfall pouring out reflects the coolness on your face, you get rid of stress, if you have any problems you lose them here suddenly. While spreading around the botanical scent recalls Aegean and the Mediterranean flora, trout with buttery blend to this smell just incitement your appetite. You are guests of inviting table of the restaurants placed into both sides of the downhill of the waterfall flowing.

And throughout the day when you have the pleasure of eating in the clean air, because of the sound of water roaring in your ears you can not think about anything and you notice all the tiredness of your body is leaving, so you're gliding. For a comfortable journey from Istanbul on the way out until Bayramoglu-Darıca Sapağı highway may be preferred. The old way through bookies, who reached the ferry dock, dock to Topcular wharf with ferry which takes the road as soon as it is full and it is full for about 40 minutes.

If it is selected weekend for departure and return, passing bookies and waiting ferry queue may be boring. While waiting and in the ferry, many people including sellers of season fruits, Trabzon bread, sun glasses, water, soft drinks, pirate casette, pişmaniye, cell phone adapter,newspaper and hitchhiking people to Eskihisar-Yalova visit your automobile!..

Moving with the curious sight. The suitibility of way standards is observed, because the application which has not seen nowhere else of Turkey of spesified middle band for the vehicles coming from the Yalova direction to turn Topçular wharf is ending finally and overpass is built.

Even addition to this, expansion of Topçular-Yalova path is needed urgently. Gemlik ramp asphalt working was organized ... And the torture of entrance of Bursa is likely to continue a few months. Although highways not entering Bursa facilitate people who turn to Ankara and Canakkale, highway junction points are not practical.

Expansion work of Bursa city way entrance and the asphalt work are causing the traffic jam with vehicle queue. While you leave from square in Bursa center way entrance to the direction of Ankara turning to left side, after 9 km you reach Cumalıkızık, and then after 12 km you reach Kestel, you should follow Saitabat entrance, then you should go to the way on back of the cement factory going on slanting ramp with a few pleasant bend, you can reach first the waterfall area by getting trough Derekızık village.

Those who want to go to River Falls Restaurant, crossing the bridge and back down to the left until the vehicle can enter into inside of the restaurant. Especially Kestel separation to the waterfall, for motorcycle drivers and car drivers give driving the fun way to experience the exhibit floor and the view which is beautiful.

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