Middle East and Soft Power Turkey

I read an article about Turkey and Iraq last week at New York Times which was titled as "Resurgent Turkey Flexes Its Muscles Around Iraq."
According to the New York Times: "The economic boom they have helped propel has reverberated across Iraq. Trade between the two countries amounted to about $6 billion in 2010, almost double what it was in 2008, Turkish officials say. They project that, in two or three years, Iraq may be Turkey?s biggest export market.

?This is the very beginning,? said Rushdi Said, the flamboyant Iraqi Kurdish chairman of Adel United, a company involved in everything from mining to sprawling housing projects. ?All of the world has started fighting over Iraq. They?re fighting for the money.?

I dont think different. It is true that Turkey is trying to have an important role in the Middle East. Turkey wants to have an important share in the new Iraq.

Turkey is not having an axis shift.On the contrary, Turkey is sitting on the axis. Turkey is trying to operate an independent foreign policy. And I think this is the most natural right. Ahmet Davutoglu, new Minister of Foreign Affairs is restructuring  the foreign policy.

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